The River Market

The main Goblin Market in Savannah takes place every other Friday on River Street (that is, its Hedge equivalent anyway). To access the market, one must descend the stone steps of Factor’s Walk next to the Psychic Shoppe while holding a flower petal under the tongue. The Hedge version of River Street looks fairly similar to its doppelganger, with a few exceptions. First off, all of the stores along the cobblestone street lack doors; they are merely fa├žades. Secondly, at the two ends where Earth River Street would join back with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Hedge River Street is blockaded by walls made of suitcases, giant cardboard boxes, and grandfather clocks. Thirdly, South Carolina cannot be seen across the river; instead there is a misty, barely-visible isle.

It is from this island where the market boats come.

The Hobgoblins who hawk their wares at the River Market anchor their various junks and dinghies to the docks of River Street, setting up shop onboard their vessels. It is unknown whether the hobs are unable to set foot onto dry land or if they are unwilling (or if they just don’t feel like it).

Common Vendors

The Goblin Alchemyst: Aboard a barge that constantly emits multicolored smoke from a single stack lives a thin man with sickly green skin, shoulder-length black hair that constantly looks oily and as if it’s going to fall out at any moment, and a long, crooked nose. He wears a white labcoat with an uncountable number of pockets. On his floating laboratory, the Goblin Alchemyst sells potions that will make you smarter, tablets that will make you stronger, and creams that will make you prettier. He proclaims that every concoction is his magnum opus, the final result of a lifetime of work, and for the trifling cost of a single memory of a past triumph, you can have the magnaminous privilage of being the first to try his latest elixir. He also keeps a few small gizmos and gadgets that, even though he’s not quite sure what all of them do, he’ll happily trade to you in exchange for your wickedness.

The Wandering Ronin:

La Rosa:

The Abandoned Vessel:

The River Market

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