Extended Family

Here are extra kiths that will be used within the chronicle.


Burrowling: Beasts who lived and burrowed beneath the soil call this kith theirs; from mole-men to wurms and other changelings of the underground. They have the special blessing of Warren Race. With it, they may spend a point of Glamour and, for the rest of the scene, they may move through soil and earth (but not solid stone)at a rate equal to their half their speed as they tunnel.

Danderhulk: Creatures of huge proportions; whether leviathans of the depths to the hulking brutes of the plains, they stand tall. Danderhulks are innately tall with their Brutish Stature, granting them the Giant Merit for free (which stacks with the effects of the Giant Merit itself) . However, due to their ungainly girth they suffer a -1 penalty on attempts to move quietly or quickly (which increases to -2 if they also purchase the Giant Merit).

Dappleskin: Creatures of the wild who survived through blending in and adapting; living chameleons and beings of dark and light. If they spend a point of Glamour, these changelings can activation their gift of Blurry Form and gain a +2 bonus to all their tests to remain unseen as they blend in with their surroundings. This bonus goes up to their Wyrd, if they remain still.

Grimlock: Either predators who lay in wait, or Beasts kept as watchers and guardians highly valued by their faerie masters. These Beasts benefit from the blessing Sentinel’s Vigil: the changeling gains +2 Stamina for the purposes of determining duration before fatigue sets in, and +1 to any Composure tests requiring them to remain still.

Longbody: These changelings emulate those creatures with long sinuous bodies or limbs, taking their lead from snakes, octopi, and worms. The Longbody blessing is Coilgrip: an extra die towards any grappling maneuvers, and the changeling may spend Glamour to add dice to any Strength roll involving a tight grip on a one-for-one basis.

Mellowmuncher: Those changelings who take after the lazy and easygoing domestic animals with a perchance to lazily munch away at just about anything the come across, such as cows, pigs, goats and the like. The Mellowmuncher blessing is Cudcrunching: 9 again on survival rolls, and may spend one Glamour to reroll failed Survival dice.

Pathfinder: Many Beasts are nomadic creatures, used to traveling far and great distances. Whether they are the migrating flocks of birds, or the wild herds of the plains, they have knowledge of the places they are going and have been to. This is represented by their gift known as Sojourner’s Blessing, giving the kith the Direction Sense Merit for free (which adds to the bonus gained if the changeling also has that Merit).

Proudwalker: Some creatures are gifted with extraordinary displays of beauty, color and imagery, and have learned to show them off; the peacock guardian men and the women of the waves are examples of these. Wild Display is an innate gift they bear, which allows them to gain a +1 to social tests that rely on looks and appearance.

Slumberscar: While in the Other’s clutches, these Beasts had to fight, hunt, slave, and debase themselves like any other Beast. They learned, though, that a deep and restful sleep can cure much in the way of physical ills. Their blessing, dubbed A Long Winter’s Nap, allows a Changeling to enter a deep sleep from which they cannot be awaken. The player decides, before they enter their sleep, for how long they sleep; it cannot be for less than 24 hours. During this sleep, the changeling heals wounds twice as fast, and rerolls all stamina rolls to throw off toxins or disease with bonus dice equal to their Wyrd.

Snickersnatch: Thieves of the sky, land and sea all pay their dues to this kith. Swooping magpies, pack rats, jackals and the like all gain the blessing of Nimble Grasp, which gives them a +2 to tasks involving fine manipulation with the hands.

Waryworry: All Changelings have felt victimized by more powerful entities, and these Beasts find affinity with ‘prey’ animals such as deer and mice. Their attentive nature does not allow them to be ambushed and gives a 2 dice bonus to perception rolls, with the blessing Moment’s Notice. Needless to say, Waryworries are a bit jumpy around Hunterhearts.


Blackguard: Such darklings were taught to fight and defend their masters in dirty duplicitous ways. They have the knowledge of Dirty Tricks, which allows them to ignore one point of their opponent’s Armor, or two when taking their opponent by surprise.

Bogeyman: These are monsters who have learned to thrive on childhood imagination. They have the art to seem visible only to children with the blessing of Imaginary Friend. By spending a point of Glamour, the changeling can drop his Mask for a scene to the eyes of children without invoking a Clarity check.

Breathdrinker: These silent shades move like whispers, stealing the breath and essence from the lips of those they pass. With their Stolen Kisses they can steal a point of Willpower from one person within their proximity. The number of times per day they can do this is equal to their Wyrd, but every time after the first costs them a point of Glamour. They cannot target the same person more than once a day.

Harrowmare: Creatures of the night that feed upon dreams and dabble in deceits of dark magic. Such creatures are night haunts, dream weavers, sandmen, and other fell creatures like the Mara and hags. The Harrowmares have a peculiar talent called Dream Rider, granting them uncanny familiarity with dreams. All tests involving dreams, including Dream Contracts gain +1.

Hushwarden: These are monsters who have learned to thrive on silence and quiet. Both stone angels of eternal quiet or the noise eater, they have their art granted to them from Golden Silence. By spending a point of Glamour, the changeling can create a field of silence around them through which no natural sound can travel, which fills a smallish room (about 15’x15’x10’ high) for the rest of the scene.

Maverick: These changelings are creatures of chance, luck and a bit of chaos in the blend. They have a fondness for games of luck and chance and will be willing to take most wagers. Still, they like to Stack the Odds, they have a natural affinity with luck and gain +1 on any action involving blind chance (such as games of chance) or use of the Hearth Contracts. If a pool is reduced to a chance die, 8s, 9s and 10s all count as a success, but a 1 still counts as a dramatic failure.

Mnemosyne: These Changelings have an affinity for lost moments, and can return them to those who once knew them. Their blessing is the Gift of Remembrance – the changeling can roll Intelligence + Empathy with the benefit of 8-again to discern the right questions to remind a target of a memory she has forgotten (or that no such memory is there.

Mountebank: Such creatures will always present a lie even if a half-truth will do, and many of them are charlatans and pranksters with a vicious streak. A Mountebank is gifted with Riddled Prose, which grants them the Merit Rigid Mask for free (the benefits of which combine with the Merit itself if purchased).

Nightshade: Raised among deadly flowers that bloom only under the pale light of the moon, Darklings of this kith often give off a soft fragrance that makes some mistake them for Flowerings—a deadly mistake. The Nightshade blessing is the Kiss of Death, giving them the 9-again benefit when making poisons. If the poison comes from a goblin fruit, they instead receive the 8-again benefit. In addition, a Nightshade never risks poisoning herself with her own concoctions.

Shadowcaster: The darkness is a common fear, representing the menacing unknown to the mortal world. More specific is mankind’s fear of having the light stolen from them, the sudden rush of terror a dropped flashlight or power outage can cause. Shadowcaster Darklings are often those who found this fear realized, forced to run through nightmares where the lights always went out, and when they did, terrible things would happen until the unfortunate changeling found his way out of the shadows. Other Shadowcasters were those who used the darkness to protect themselves, shattering lights or otherwise engendering an absence of illumination to aid their flight from Faerie. As they returned through the hedge, they became more like the shadows they depended upon, skin darkening and features blurring and melding, until they seem to be caught between real and silhouette. Darklings of this Kith can Steal the Light, creating shadows and gloom over the area of a small room (about 15’ x 15’ x 10’ high) for a scene. These shadows make it difficult to perceive the affected environment, adding a -1 to sight-based perception rolls. Although the darkness centers itself on the changeling’s right hand, it doesn’t move once summoned, even if the changeling leaves its radius. With the expenditure of a Glamour point, the light is sucked out of the area, granting the Shadowcaster concealment (-3 to sight-based rolls targeting anything in the radius). A normal flashlight or similar effect lessens these penalties by -1; any stronger illumination dispels them. Infrared vision or other forms of sight independent of ambient light are unaffected. This Blessing cancels or overrides a Bright One’s Goblin Illumination.

Soothsayer: Songs, prophecy and presaging of doom and despair have long been the purview of these fae. By spending a turn to presage an Ominous Portent to their victim, the target suffers a -2 to their next action. The victim must be within hearing range of the Soothsayer for the blessing to work.

Spindleback: These are the changelings who thrived in the cracks and crevices of the world, covered with chitinous skin and walk with a creeping motion. The Spindlebacks are covered with a Calloused Carapace, which gifts them with a point of Armor that stacks with other Armor.


Ectopic: Often found in ghostly or ethereal realms, these Elementals are composed of ectoplasm, the material used by spirits to form corporeal bodies. Because of their Poltergeist’s Trick, Ectopics gain +2 dice on both Contracts of Shade & Spirit and Contracts of Animation, and can buy either Contract at one less experience point than normal.

Forgekin: Drawn from the metallic bones of the world, these changelings gleam with the riches of the earth. Be they made of stunning gold, shinning brass, or lustrous silver, they draw the gaze of those who recognize their worth. The Forgekin blessing is Fortune’s Fame, allowing them to buy up Presence dice with Glamour at a one for one basis.

Hollowmade: Some Elementals were forced into even more humiliating, painful, and twisted servitude then those who found themselves mere fixtures or furnishings of the Gentry: being crafted into living buildings, used for storage or endlessly, agonizingly renovated by sadistic architects without a sense of proportion or logic to their designs. They show the scars of their time in Faerie, often with finished wood or marble skin or windows in winding tattoo patterns. Some appear to be made of the stuff of fantastic crystal castles or beautifully embroidered tents; others have the look of haunted houses or decrepit ruins made of old stone. The Hollowmade are Empty Inside; their bodies invariably contain an entrance of some sort that can expand to create a special Hollow usable only by the Hollowmade, into which various objects can be placed for storage at the cost of Glamour. This Hollow is about the size of a large closet (5’ by 5’ by 10’), and cannot store living beings (or undead). Inserting or removing an object is an instant action; the changeling never has to search for an item, it always comes to hand immediately. When placing an item inside, the Hollowmade’s true nature is fully visible for a turn. Note that for every day this Blessing in use (that is, the changeling contains one or more objects), the changeling must spend a point of Glamour to avoid taking a level of aggravated damage. In addition, Hollowmade add a dot to any Hollow which they have already purchased at least a dot of; this dot can be in any category.

Tangleweave: Some changelings who end up as Elementals are composed of something much less tangible than their more materialistic counterparts; these Lost are transformed by the element of Fate, made to sew together stories for their Fae masters and ensure that events proceed as the Gentry desire. Their workings with Fate grant them the blessing of Rewriting Destiny. Once per scene, a Tangleweave can spend a point of Glamour to force a reroll of one die pool, and then choose which result is the true outcome.


Balm: The Fairest have a purity to them, even at their worst, and that enables some to make others pure in turn. The Balm embodies this potential, able to mend and unmark the bodies of others. These Lost possess the Healer’s Blessing – once per scene, the changeling may spend Glamour to heal a subject – each point spent heals 1 bashing damage, downgrades 1 lethal to bashing, or removes all scars from an older wound.


Langolier: Membres of this Ogre kith tend to appear short of stature, often hunched over, small, and innocuous. Their smiles give hint of their true purpose. When closed a Langolier’s mouth appears normal, but upon smiling, their smile is wide; in most cases, too wide for their faces. An open mouthed Langolier has been equated to gazing into a gaping abyss. Their power of Mikey Likes It suits their job fine. With the expenditure of a Glamour point, the Langolier can ingest – and digest – anything up to 1 size larger then their own size. This effect will last for 1 minute per point of Wyrd.

Spellturner: These orges, often used as test subjects for offensive magics by their Keepers, have developed a resistance to such types of attack. Through their Blessing of Lion’s Skin, they can spend 1 Glamour to add their Stamina to their Wyrd for purposes of resisting a magical effect, or to turn their Stamina into an Armour bonus against attacks backed by magic (Awakened magic, Vampire Disciplines, et al). For 3 Glamour, this additional protection lasts a scene.


Decker: These Wizened often spring from the realms of the more ‘techno-savvy’ True Fae, although not always; they were often used as living pin cushions for their Keepers, with numerous items grafted on to them then eventually removed. Deckers have the ability to Jack In: by spending a Glamour point, they may integrate any metallic object (including weapons) that they can wield into their bodies for a scene. Guns either meld with the flesh or become stylized cannons on the Decker’s body, swords become wicked curved blades in the arms, and scrap metal becomes armor plating beneath the skin (usually only Armor 1). The Decker is not impaired by new enhancements equal to his Wyrd rating; past that, he takes a -2 penalty due to the amount of foreign material in his form. The items remove themselves painlessly from the body at the end of the scene.

Extended Family

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