Welcome to the asylum.

Once upon a time, you were just like everyone else. You had a family, a job, friends, enemies, lovers, a name. Then They came for you. Taken to a world where everything is only as true as it feels like being, where the laws of nature are more like suggestions and time moves quickly or slowly depending on the position of a child’s marble, you became the slaves and toys of the Fae. These are not the watered-down Victorian fairy tales where virtue is always rewarded, nor are they the happy, twinkling little sprites so sanitized by Disney; the Gentry are forgotten gods, malevolant spirits, and forces of nature. Lacking any sense of a conscious, humanity, or sanity, They made you dance until They got bored and took off your fingers to see what would happen. They fed you strange fruits that turned your skin to bark and your hair to grass. They made you lay with foxes and wolves and other, unidentifiable monstrosities. They made you clean the infinite number of volumnious rooms inside a tiny shack, beating you to near death every time you did not step on a rug with your left foot first or said the word “yellow”. In time, you began to forget your old self, your life on Earth become nothing more than a faint recurring memory every time you were granted the mercy of slumber. But you didn’t forget altogether. And finally, one day, you escaped. Tearing your way through a giant maze of thorns, the vicious hounds at your heels, you made your way back to our world, only to discover that your skin was blue, that you had horns, or that you eyes now shone with an iridescent light. Even worse, the family that you left behind never even knew you were gone, for there is something else in your place, something made of sticks and stones and broken bones, and it thinks that it’s you and that you’re a monster here to kill it and take its place.

(And who says that you’re not?)

But you’re not alone. There are others like you, and together in the Garden of Memories, they have carved themselves a small kingdom of faerie kin within the city of Savannah, known for its beautiful trees and Southern hospitality as much for its myriad ghost stories and high murder rate.

So what will you do? Will you join the courts in their struggles against the Fae? Will you turn your back on the petty politics in favor of your own path? Will you eschew faerie society altogether and try to live a normal life again? Or will you simply go mad, another loony in the sanitorium raving about faeries and hedge mazes?

And if you could give anything to go back to the way things were, would you even recognize you had the choice?

The Dreams of Nightmares

AlfredR Casster